Sandiaga Uno Lari Pagi, Accompanied by Sinjai Residents

JurnalUpdate. Residents of Sinjai Regency, South Sulawesi are waiting for Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno in front of the Sinjai Hotel. This mother-and-mother-dominated citizen is waiting for Sandi to jog together together.

They are increasingly hysterical when the former Deputy Governor of DKI, out of the hotel lobby wears a blue running suit and black pants. Sandiaga was stopped by his steps to run, when some residents pushed forward to shake hands and take pictures.

Sandiaga also invited thousands of people to run. "Let's run, let me be healthy," Sandiaga said, to residents who were waiting for him in front of the Sinjai Hotel on Wednesday.

The former Chairperson of the Indonesian Market Traders Association (APPSI) ran from the hotel to Sinjai Central Market for 1 km. In the market, Sandiaga has a dialogue with traders to absorb the aspirations of traders.

Rose, one of the market traders, was shocked to learn that Sandiaga went to his stall. Sellers of basic necessities such as eggs, flour, vegetable oil and daily necessities, were nervous and happy when Sandiaga shook his hand. To Sandiaga, Rose claimed the price of eggs and flour rose.

"The price of eggs in Sinjai from Rp. 28 thousand goes up to Rp. 35 thousand and now Rp. 45 thousand. Flour also rises, maybe because of the holiday, sir. Others are still going up and down sir," said Rose.

According to Sandiaga, the government should be present when prices of basic necessities such as eggs rise. Because eggs are a source of protein and are needed by the community.

"In Jakarta, we have tried to stabilize the prices of basic necessities through food stations. Not only stable, but also affordable. So when a big day like this, prices are still stable. All needs can be calculated. For example, how many eggs per day are consumed Sinjai residents. This data is important to maintain supply, "said Sandiaga.


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