Sandiaga Uno Lari Pagi, Accompanied by Sinjai Residents

JurnalUpdate. Residents of Sinjai Regency, South Sulawesi are waiting for Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno in front of the Sinjai Hotel. This mother-and-mother-dominated citizen is waiting for Sandi to jog together together.

They are increasingly hysterical when the former Deputy Governor of DKI, out of the hotel lobby wears a blue running suit and black pants. Sandiaga was stopped by his steps to run, when some residents pushed forward to shake hands and take pictures.

Sandiaga also invited thousands of people to run. "Let's run, let me be healthy," Sandiaga said, to residents who were waiting for him in front of the Sinjai Hotel on Wednesday.

The former Chairperson of the Indonesian Market Traders Association (APPSI) ran from the hotel to Sinjai Central Market for 1 km. In the market, Sandiaga has a dialogue with traders to absorb the aspirations of traders.

Rose, one of the market traders, was shocked to learn that Sandiaga went to his stall. Sellers of basic necessities such as e…

Gerindra Tepis Issues Prabowo Celebrates Christmas and Photos Hold Candle

PojokWarta. Photo of presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto holding a candle in a busy Christmas celebration discussed on social media. Gerindra explained the incident in the photo and dismissed the accusation that Prabowo celebrated Christmas.

Member of the Gerindra Party Communication Agency, Andre Rosiade, revealed the photo was taken in 2013. At that time, Prabowo attended the Christmas celebration held by the Gerindra Party at Hotel Kartika Chandra, Jakarta.

"So it attended the Gerindra Party Christmas celebration in Kartika Candra Hotel in 2013. Pak Prabowo was present in his capacity as the Gerindra Party Minister," Andre said when asked for confirmation on Wednesday.
"So Pak Prabowo is not celebrating Christmas as a Christian," he added.

Andre said the Gerindra Party had a party wing that accommodated Christian cadres. The party wing is called Kristen Indonesia Raya (Kira).
"Now that was the event that was held for Kira. Mr. Prabowo was present accompanied…

Prabowo Pilgrimages to the Mass Grave of Tsunami Victims, Aceh Campaign

KolomFakta. Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto today safari in Aceh. He started his campaign on a pilgrimage to the mass burial complex of victims of the Aceh tsunami, in the village of Siron Blangbintang, Aceh Besar.

In the written and video statement distributed by the National Winning Body (BPN) Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno, Prabowo, who wore a brown shirt typical of ex-Danjen Kopassus and with black glasses, arrived at the location around 10:05 As soon as he arrived, he went straight to the mass grave of the victims of the Aceh tsunami in 2004 for a grave pilgrimage.

Led by clerics and local leaders, Prabowo seemed to join in praying. Not only that, Prabowo also participated in sowing flowers and watering graves with rose water.
In addition to making a pilgrimage to mass funeral, the Gerindra Party Minister will also attend a tsunami warning event at the Tsunami Monument, Lampulo, Banda Aceh City.

After a pilgrimage and attending the Tsunami commemoration event, Prabowo planned to stay i…

Sandiaga Promises to Maximize Resources When Visiting the Chocolate Factory.

WartaJurnal. Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno visited the PT Kalla Kakao Industri chocolate factory in Kendara, Southeast Sulawesi. Candidate number 02 candidate vice president regretted the lack of supply of local cocoa. Even though this can be an added value and Indonesia's position does not shift as one of the largest cocoa producers.

"If given the mandate as servants of the Indonesian people, we will conduct link and match between people's cocoa and the business world and the government in the concept of public private partnership. This includes replanting or replanting involving the three parties. In economic conditions like this, it is not right we do import policies even though we have the resources, only to be maximized, "said Sandi in a written statement.

To Sandiaga, President Director of PT Kalla Kakao Industri's factory Ahmad Zaki Amiruddin also revealed the increasingly scarce supply of cocoa from Indonesia, especially from Sulawesi.

"Now the raw materials …

Sandiaga hopes that Christmas can be as cool as Indonesia and maintain diversity

FaktaId. Candidate for vice president number 02 Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno attended an invitation to the series dinner from the Christmas celebration at Jalan Lamadukelleng Makassar. At this Christmas celebration, Sandi advised that Indonesia still cool and maintain diversity.

"Of course, we welcome this 2018 Christmas celebration with the hope that we will also hope that our shared Christmas spirit will receive blessings and peace on earth in love. The peace of Christmas love can cool Indonesia and unite diversity, which we mean," said Sandiaga in Makassar Monday.

In addition, Sandi hopes that this Christmas celebration, the basic needs of normal and will not increase. He also hopes that economic activity will continue to increase.

"Our hopes for the future of our economy will be better and economic activity will increase. We hope that in Prabowo - the employment code can be created and also if Christmas is usually prices up, we hope that it is not too burdensome for the fam…

Sandiaga Asks Hard Work Volunteers: The Result of God Who Determines

NasionalIndonesia. Vice President number 2 Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno asked his volunteers to work hard to win the 2019 Presidential Election. He was sure the hard work of the team that came into contact with the community would bring change.

"We are working hard, the results will be determined by God. Friends here are very confident that our work directly touching the people must change. In South Sulawesi, the breath of change is here. And of course we have to work hard," said Sandiaga on Tuesday .

The Prabowo-Sandi pair promised to provide change, an improved economy and employment for the nation's children.

"We hope that people in South Sulawesi can give one hope that Prabowo-Sandi's economy gives the children of the nation. Foreign workers and foreign interests are a concern," he explained.

In addition to Makassar, Sandiaga Uno will also visit Gowa, Takalar, Jeneponto, Bantaeng to Sinjai Regencies. Sandiaga will meet with Prabowo-Sandi volunteers.

Peaceful Regards, Sandiaga: Stop Mutual Mistress and 'Elbow-elbow'

Pojok Id. Vice President Sandiaga Uno delivered a greeting of peace ahead of the 2019 Presidential Election. Sincerely, this greeting was delivered by Sandi while attending a Christmas dinner at Jalan Lamadukelleng, Makassar.

"Greetings of peace, let's stop blaming each other, nudging each other, insinuating each other," said Sandiaga, in Makassar on Tuesday.

Sandiaga invites all parties to present a peaceful campaign, and polite democracy. That way, the community will appreciate more of the political contestation in Indonesia that continues to heat up.

"Let us present cool politics, peaceful campaigns, polite democracy so that the people will appreciate more specifically in the spirit of Christmas," he explained.

Since Monday, Sandiaga made a visit to South Sulawesi. A number of regions became the political safari destination for candidate number 02. Among other things, Makassar, Gowa, Takalar, Bantaeng, Bulukumba to Sinjai Regency.

"Cheap Prices, Look for Easy Work" Promise to Protect Uno in 2019

LiputanNet. Candidate candidate number 02, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, asked sympathizers and coalition parties to continue working hard until April 17, 2019. He also asked his volunteers to deliver their pledge with Prabowo Subianto if elected later to the closest people.

"Volunteers work with the 4 principles, namely hard work, smart work, completeness and sincerity. Visit the neighbors, friends and the closest environment. Convey, if Prabowo Sandi is trusted and given a mandate by the Indonesian people, in 2019 the prices will be cheap looking for work is easy, and life is no longer difficult, ".

explained Sandi in a written statement on Tuesday While visiting Roemah Djoeang on Jalan Poros Kalampa, Takalar, South Sulawesi, the former deputy governor of DKI was guided to the location of the event. Hundreds of people welcomed him. Once arrived, the car he was traveling in was filled with sympathizers and volunteers who wanted to shake hands and take pictures.

On that occasion, Sa…

Can vent Fishermen, Password: God willing 2019 Prosperous

IdNasional. Candidate for vice president number 02, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno today held a socialization at the BEBA Fish Auctions (TPI) Galesong Utara, Takalar, South Sulawesi. When visiting Sandi received complaints from fishermen such as rare diesel fuel, fishing permits, and fish catches.

"Solar is very rare, sir. We sometimes don't go to sea. It disrupts production and sometimes there are many fishing boats that cannot go to sea," said one fisherman, Anwar, in a written statement on Tuesday.

In addition, continued Anwar, another problem was the sad selling price of fish, which caused the fishermen to drop in turnover. The price of fish in the morning with prices in the afternoon can be different, even up to 90 percent.

"The price of fish is Rp. 10,000, now the afternoon and evening the price can be only Rp. 1 thousand," he explained.

A similar thing was expressed by another fisherman, Syamsurizal. According to him, besides rare diesel, a Fishing License (SIPA) a…

Sandiaga Receives Campaign Donations under Houses When Visiting Bulukumba

JurnalHub. Candidate number 02 candidate number Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno absorbs the aspirations of the people in South Sulawesi. When he was at the last point in Bulukumba Regency, he went to a fishing village and a traditional Phinisi shipbuilder in Para-Para Village.

In the village, Sandi conducts socialization under the house. According to community leaders Para Para, Baharuddin, this is the first time a vice presidential candidate has come to the remote area. Even so, Sandi is grateful for accepting his presence.

"This was said by the host, a simple event. I think this is more than simple, but noble. What it is, is not anything. Thank you to the villagers of the Para who sincerely accepted me and the group," explained Sandi in a written statement on Tuesday.

Sandi asked the residents to ensure that the campaign he was carrying out was a new innovation. "This is a new innovation campaigning. I asked when there was a president, vice president who socialized under the hou…

from Golkar Candidates and Ex-Nasdem Chairmen, Sandiaga Receives Donations

JurnalFakta. Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno got a surprise when he arrived in Sinjai Regency, South Sulawesi, early this morning. After inaugurating the winning house and giving a speech, he got a surprise from the residents of Sinjai, named Muhtar Bejo.

When Sandi was on stage, Bejo suddenly got on stage. Apparently, Bejo went on stage to hand over donations for the victory of Sandi in the 2019 Presidential Election.
The donation was given by Bejo to the Password in an envelope. In front of the written envelope:
Campaign Funds Contribution for the Candidate Struggle for Vice President Candidate Number 02. From: Candidate Candidate for Golkar Party Number 8 District Election 2. Rp. 8 JT '.

"Thank you, Mr. Bejo. This shows that Prabowo-Sandi unites all of us. We want to be leaders of all groups. I will report this contribution to Mr. Prabowo for Mr. Bejo's contribution, continue to fight, hopefully be elected," Sandi said, when he opened the winning house in Sinjai, Wednesday, e…

Songs of the Happy Presidential Election, Prabowo Agrees with Sudjiwo Tedjo

KolomMedia. Artist Sudjiwo Tedjo invited the presidential candidate Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Prabowo Subianto to welcome the presidential election. Prabowo welcomed the invitation.
Sudjiwo Tedjo delivered the invitation through his Twitter account on Sunday. For him, Jokowi and Prabowo are fun figures.

"Morning. Pak Jokowi & Pak Prabowo 22 are pleasing to me. I am happy that Pak Jokowi's style is laughing. His chest is covered and his hands are hanging relaxed. Mr. Prabowo wants to joged dangdut to Raden Gatutkoco, the basic silat style. "Sudjiwo Tedjo said.

Cuitan Sudjiwo Tedjo was answered by Prabowo on Monday. Prabowo also invited the presidential election to be carried out happily.
"Good evening, @sudjiwotedjo. Let us live the party of democracy happily," Prabowo wrote.

Prabowo said that building Indonesia needs to be done by all parties. Everything must work together for the people.
"Building a nation cannot be done by a handful of parties but it needs …